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A Matter of Balance for the Low Vision Population

The Matter of Balance curriculum has been adapted for use with the low vision population. Debra Laine, Low Vision Translation Project Director at Arrowhead Agency on Aging in Duluth, Minnesota, and her team partnered with the Duluth Lighthouse for the Blind to adapt the MOB program to be more accessible to low vision participants. The project was funded by the National Eye Institute.
Partnership for Healthy Aging is pleased to make the Matter of Balance Low Vision materials available to Master Trainers. Deb Laine and Patti League, A Matter of Balance Program Manager, developed an educational presentation to prepare you to offer the Matter of Balance Low Vision curriculum. After you have watched the presentation and completed the brief quiz, you may order the materials. This includes a CD with all materials necessary for training coaches and participants, and an optional exercise audio CD. 

A Matter of Balance Low Vision Toolkit CD $5.00 EA
A Matter of Balance Exercises Audio CD (optional) $7.00 EA

The MOB Low Vision First and Last Class Surveys and Class Evaluation Forms are available in 12-point font and 20-point font:

Download the 12-point font forms

Download the 20-point font forms

Watch the Matter of Balance
Low Vision Educational Presentation:


Take the Quiz

After you have completed the quiz, a representative from
Partnership for Healthy Aging will follow up with you to place your order for the Matter of Balance Low Vision Toolkit materials.


National Resources

American Foundation for the Blind - A Checklist for Environmental Safety

Resources for Independent Living with Vision Loss


A Matter of Balance Low Vision adaptation featured in Outlook, the National Eye Health Education Program (NEHEP) electronic newsletter NEHEP Outlook Spring 2013.



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