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A Matter of Balance Volunteer Lay Leader Model

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July 2009

A Matter of Balance/Lay Leader model is now in 29 states and the District of Columbia, with 318 licensed Master Trainer sites and 600 Master Trainers!  For a list of states and links to Master Trainer sites, please visit this page.  We continue to grow with additional Master Trainer sessions planned throughout the year.

We are happy to share some news about the MOB/VLL program:

New Participant Consent Forms

If you are participating in the Matter of Balance national outcomes evaluation, you should have received the new Participant Consent Forms from Senior Services of Seattle. Please discard any older consent forms you still have on hand. 

The new consent form contains two sections:

  • The top section gives consent to our researchers to use information on the first and last session survey for program evaluation and improvement.
  • The bottom section gives consent to U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention researchers to call participants, 6 months after they complete the program, to conduct a follow-up telephone survey. The consent form contains a space for the participant's phone number.

The CDC is conducting this survey to understand how well participants of the A Matter of Balance program retain information and maintain the behaviors they’ve learned, six months after completing the program. The survey will ask participants about their experiences with the program and about their current knowledge and behaviors related to fall prevention. Participants’ data will be combined and results will be provided to the Administration on Aging (AoA) and the local programs.

Frequently-asked questions and answers about submitting MOB evaluation forms.

A Matter of Balance - Chinese Translation
A Matter of Balance class was recently held for Chinese-speaking participants at the Greater Boston Chinese Golden Age Center.

"The class was led by two excellent facilitators, Megan Cheung and Anna Situ, and it was a great success," said Wendy Wong, Funding and Development Manager at the Golden Age Center. "Twelve participants graduated from the class. Some of them told me that after they had learned more about falling from the class, they were more assertive and confident to deal with falling and the fear of falling. They also said that they would recommend the course to their friends."

The Matter of Balance Participant Workbook was translated into Chinese with funding from the MassHealth Wellness Program of Massachusetts Medicaid. The Golden Age Center conducted 2 pilot classes using the workbook. The Center’s staff and class participants reviewed the material and provided feedback. The final version is now complete.  We will make the Chinese Participant Workbook available on a CD-ROM for sites who wish to print the workbooks.


 Updated Master Trainer Toolkit CDs mailed to all Master Trainers trained before March 2009
If you were trained as a Master Trainer prior to March 2009, you should have received a new Matter of Balance Master Trainer Toolkit CD in the mail.  This CD contains revisions and updates, so please discard the old Master Trainer Toolkit CDs that you received when you were trained. (A list of updates is included on the new CD.)  All Coach Handbooks and Participant Workbooks printed from your new Toolkit CD will be up-to-date.

If you already have Coach Handbooks and Participant Workbooks printed from the old CD on hand, there is no need to discard them.  You may use the ones you have until you run out.  However, we suggest replacing the following sections to update them:

Coach Handbook
Session 3 - Handout 3.1 (AgePage)
Session 7- Agenda

We understand that the replacement pages will not coincide with the page numbers in the old Coach Handbooks, so if you prefer, you could provide the updated pages as handouts and ask the coaches to include them in those sections.

The Participant Workbooks do not contain page numbers so you can simply replace these sections in your existing books:

Participant Workbook
Session 3 - Handout 3.1 (AgePage)
Session 4 - Handout 4.1 and 4.2

Please contact us at 207-775-1095 or email Partnership for Healthy Aging  if you have any questions and we will be happy to help.


Contact us or call 207-775-1095 if you have any questions or need additional information.


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