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MaineHealth AH! Asthma 
Health Program

Adult Asthma and COPD Toolkit 

 Adult Asthma (.pdf format)
Clinical Guidelines Flipchart
Inhaled Medications Sheet
Asthma Action Plan
Inhaler and peak flow instructions
Asthma Control Test (English) and (Spanish)
New Patient Encounter Form
Follow-up Patient Encounter Form
Predicted Peak Flow Measurements
Asthma Symptoms/Peak Flow Diary
Peak Flow Reference Chart
Flu Shot Reminder Letter Template
COPD (.pdf format)
Asthma/COPD Algorithm
COPD Action Plan
COPD Diagnosis Checklist
COPD Flowsheet
Quick Guide for Spirometry

Asthma Clinical Guidelines Flipchart


Inhaled Medications Sheet

Quick Guide for Spirometry

Asthma/COPD Algorithm

Asthma Action Plan
Asthma Control Test

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