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A Matter of Balance class evaluation forms Q & A

 Megan Thompson, Terrell Poeton, and Veronica Lewandowski, MOB Data Entry and Evaluation Team, Senior Services of Seattle

Our partners from Senior Services of Seattle send a huge thanks to all of you who help us put the evidence in “evidence-based program” by sending in the MOB class evaluation forms.

The team has received some commonly-asked questions from Master Trainers regarding the process. They hope the following answers will help to clarify any confusion:

Q.  A few of the class participants did not sign the Consent Form, but they did complete the First Session Survey, Last Session Survey, and Class Evaluation.  Should I still send in the forms they completed even though they didn't sign the Consent Form?

A.  We can enter Attendance and Class Evaluation data from all participants regardless of whether they have granted consent or not.

We cannot enter data from the First or Last Session Surveys of participants who have declined or not indicated their consent.   Please do not submit the First Session Survey or Last Session Survey of participants who have not granted consent by signing the top signature line on the Consent Form.

Q.  I have some extra First Session and Last Session survey forms that were never used for previous classes.  Can I use them for future classes?

A.  Yes - save a tree!  Keep extra First or Last Session Surveys and Class Evaluation forms for use in a future class.  You don’t need to worry about the form IDs matching across the sets.

Q.  Should I send the PAR-Q and Participant Agreements to Seattle too?

A.   Please send only the following forms for each class:

  • Class Information Cover Sheet, Attendance Form and Class Evaluation forms from all participants. 
  • The Consent Form, First Session Survey and Last Session Survey for each participant who has granted consent.

We do not  need such things as PAR-Q forms, coaching skills evaluations, participant agreements, etc.

Again, many thanks to all of you.  Your efforts make this program successful! 

Please contact us or call 207-775-1095 if you have questions or need more information.

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