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Partnership for Healthy Aging


EnhanceWellness (EW) is a community-based, health promotion program designed for independent living seniors with chronic disease, currently at risk for further health decline. This program creates a partnership among participants, EnhanceWellness staff, and primary care physicians to improve health and functioning and reduce unnecessary medical care. Research outcomes include a 72% reduction in hospital days, 38% reduction in the number of seniors hospitalized, 36% reduction in medications for sleep and depression, significantly higher levels of physical activity and better functioning in activities of daily living.

EnhanceWellness Team


  • Completes participant questionnaire
  • Chooses and commits to health goals
  • Develops Health Action Plan
  • Changes behavior to attain health goals
Registered Nurse:
  • Conducts a comprehensive health review and functional assessment
  • Develops the Health Action Plan with the participant
  • Provides ongoing monitoring, problem-solving, support, and referrals
Social Worker:
  • Participates in the health assessment when needed
  • Facilitates support groups
  • Provides skill-building
  • Conducts individual and family consultation and counseling
  • Refers appropriate patients to EW
  • Provides encouragement and support to the EW patient
  • Reviews Health Action Plans
  • Communicates with EW staff, as appropriate
Health Mentor:
  • Peer volunteer
  • Receive mentor training to learn coaching and communication skills, the goals and positive health behaviors of EW
  • Serves as a role model to encourage and reinforce adoption of health behaviors
  • Assists with follow-up
  • Provides positive social interaction
  • Mentors are paired up one-on-one with participants, and must be willing to commit to one to five hours per month for one year

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Partnership for Healthy Aging
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