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Clinical Integration Steering Committee (CISC)

In October 1999, MaineHealth launched the Clinical Integration Division by convening a group of clinicians and Management Team members to act as its Steering Committee. This effort was the result of intense system scrutiny by governing boards, committees, and professional consultants for many years prior. The Steering Committee was formed to develop process plans, identify integration initiatives, and to oversee the efforts of the many work teams that carry out the initiatives.

The Clinical Integration Steering Committee is comprised of physicians, administrators, nurses, QI/Compliance and Information Services specialists. The committee is chaired by:
--Vance Brown, M.D., MaineHealth's Chief Medical Officer and
--David Bachman,M.D., MaineHealth, Senior Medical Director

This group meets bimonthly (except July) to:

  1. Develop clinical process plans
  2. Charge required work teams and approve leadership and membership
  3. Review progress on system level focus goals.
  4. Monitor work team results and timelines
  5. Periodically report to MaineHealth Management Team

The following are members of the 2013-2014 Clinical Integration Steering Committee:

  • Jeff Aalberg, M.D., MMC-PHO, Director of Quality
  • David Bachman, M.D., MaineHealth, Senior Medical Director
  • John Bancroft, M.D., MMC, Department of Pediatrics  
  • Vance Brown, M.D., MaineHealth Chief Medical Officer 
  • Jackie Cawley, D.O.,  C.I. Senior Medical Director for Ambulatory and Prevention. 
  • Barbara Crowley, M.D., MaineGeneral Medical Center, VPMA, Ambulatory
  • Steve Dobieski M.D., Portland, Intermed Internal Medicine   
  • Mark Fourre, M.D., MaineHealth, Senior Medical Director
  • Ralph Harder M.D., St. Marys/SOCHS, Pulmonary
  • Scott Mills M.D., MidCoast Hospital, Cardiology
  • Neil Korsen, M.D., MaineHealth C.I. Medical Director
  • Brian Nolan, M.D., Oxford Hills Internal Medicine
  • Julie Osgood, M.S., MaineHealth, C.I. Senior Director of Operations
  • Cindy Richards, M.P.H., MaineHealth, C.I. Program Director
  • Marjorie Wiggins, R.N., MMC, VP of Nursing


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