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The aim of Behavioral Health Integration is to improve healthcare connections for patients between mental/behavioral and medical care. We're working to achieve our goals by bringing together medical practice teams and behavioral health organizations to work on better access, communication and collaboration. We're dedicated to the patient and family being the center of care.




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As always we remind you that the information in the videos below is the best information we have available at this time and does not represent how a payer might respond to a claim nor does it replace any regulatory information. Always seek information from your agency consultants regarding any billing and coding practice.

*There is one error in the presentation. I commented that Section 45 in Maine Care was for independent medical practices. It is actually for hospital owned medical practices. Section 90 relates to the independent medical practices.




Healthcare and Behavioral Assessment Codes: Let's start using them for our patients.

Video: Webinar covering Healthcare and Behavioral Assessment Codes 

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