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Patient Education Materials

Here you'll find information about diabetes and  resources in your community. Keep in mind the five parts to managing your diabetes for a healthy and active life:

  1. Learn how to eat healthy.
  2. Get regular physical activity.
  3. Use your medicine correctly.
  4. Test your blood sugar.
  5. Get regular checkups.

Diabetes Educators - Education Programs

Diabetes Educators will help you learn how to live a healthy and active life with diabetes. Click here for help locating a Certified Diabetes Educator(.pdf).

Steps to Hospital Discharge(Type 1 and 2)

General tools for people with Diabetes 

Self-Management Tools for Patients

  • Readiness to Change - This tool will help you decide if you are ready to set a lifestyle-change goal.
  • Target Diabetes Self-Care Action Plan - This tool can give you ideas for small changes in your lifestyle that can have a big impact on helping you manage diabetes, and set goals for yourself.
  • Target Diabetes Foot Care - Healthy feet are always important, but you should pay particular attention if you have diabetes. This tool explains about skincare, toenails, blood circulation and even what shoes and socks are best.





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