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MH Osteopathic Heritage Fund

History and Purpose

When trustees of the Brighton Medical Center in Portland, Maine agreed to merge that hospital into Maine Medical Center, they also created a means to preserve the traditions and rich osteopathic heritage that had inspired creation of the Osteopathic Hospital of Maine in 1935 and that had guided trustees, medical staff and management through organizational, location, and name changes ever since. The governing board transferred $2 million to a special purpose fund under the control of the parent organization, MaineHealth, with income to be used:

  • to recognize and promote the heritage of Brighton Medical Center and osteopathic medicine generally,
  • to provide resources for osteopathic continuing medical education, and
  • to promote collegial interactions between osteopathic and allopathic physicians.
An Advisory Committee established in 1997 assists MaineHealth staff with income distribution and administration of this designated fund.

Mission, Guidelines and Funding Process
Advisory Committee members adopted a mission statement and guidelines to clarify the decision-making process for grants. The guidelines provide for applications from non profit organizations or from individuals applying through such organizations while maintaining the ability for the Advisory Committee to initiate projects itself or through other agents. Visit here to learn how and when to apply for funding.

Advisory Committee
The MaineHealth OHF Advisory Committee is comprised of individuals from southern Maine reflecting a wide range of expertise and experience. A list of current members may be seen here.

Some of our Projects
Since its inception, the MaineHealth Osteopathic Heritage Fund has supported many endeavors. A sampling of activities and annual expenditures is available here.

For more information about MaineHealth Osteopathic Heritage Fund, its projects and processes, contact us here.

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