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MH Osteopathic Heritage Fund

Funding Guidelines and Application Process

Our Background

The MaineHealth Osteopathic Heritage Fund was created in 1997 by the boards of trustees of Brighton Medical Center and Maine Medical Center at the time of the institutions’ merger. Under the guidance of an advisory committee, income from this $2 million fund is expended annually to fulfill the OHF mission.

Our Mission

The mission of the Osteopathic Heritage Fund is to advance the principles, practice, and philosophy of Osteopathic Medicine, to preserve Osteopathic History and identity, and to promote the recognition and validity of Osteopathic Principles and Practice, encouraging their further acceptance in the daily practice of Maine physicians.

The OHF functions by receiving and administering funds to fulfill its mission. To do so, OHF: 

  1. encourages the discovery and collection of Maine's Osteopathic History and works to ensure the preservation of this information;
  2. provides support for programs to educate pre- and post-graduate students of Osteopathic Medicine and continuing medical education for all practicing physicians;
  3. sponsors osteopathic research programs, including basic science and clinical studies;
  4. initiates and promotes activities which support the application of Osteopathic Principles in the healthcare of patients, both in our hospitals and in the community;
  5. promotes community awareness of Osteopathic Medicine and its role in addressing health care issues, and
  6. encourages collaboration between osteopathic and allopathic physicians, so that a greater understanding of Osteopathic Practice and Principles might result in increasing its availability to Maine’s citizens.

Funding Guidelines

  • Funding awards generally are limited to non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations based in or benefiting activities in the State of Maine.
  • Individuals wishing to apply for funds should do so under the sponsorship of or benefiting a Maine-based 501(c)(3) organization.
  • Funding of OHF-initiated projects and programs that require start-up operations will be based upon an evaluation of compliance to the mission, funding purposes, and benefit to the involved constituents, and will be supported by an estimated budget, projected funding period, anticipated outcomes and measurable operational benchmarks.
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Primary Funding Considerations

Although OHF will consider funding requests for any projects or activities consistent with its mission, it may emphasize certain of its goals in a given funding cycle. Primary consideration will be given to those projects or programs that:
  • demonstrate a clear relationship to the Fund’s mission,
  • demonstrate a direct relationship and benefit to health care in Maine, especially improvement in direct patient care or expansion of access to care,
  • are innovative in approach or outcome,
  • document receipt of matching gifts or additional funding from other sources,
  • demonstrate benefit to the community for the resources invested, e.g., resources used compared with numbers of individuals reached or degree of improvement produced,
  • promote collaboration among organizations, osteopathic and allopathic providers, and others, without duplicating services/activities,
  • provide a specific exit funding strategy or require time-limited funding, normally one year,
  • enhance or improve project self-sufficiency,
  • if pertaining to continuing medical education, are category 1 eligible, or
  • projects/programs that are OHF-initiated.

If a new proposal and one requesting repeat funding are deemed of equal value and interest within a funding cycle, applicants are advised that the Advisory Committee may be inclined to use its limited funds for the new initiative.

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Non-Eligible Funding Requests

The MaineHealth Osteopathic Heritage Fund generally will not consider funding projects or programs that:

  • lack sponsorship by or benefit to a Maine-based non-profit organization,
  • are designed to supplement or replace operating deficits,
  • are normally the responsibility of a public or governmental agency, or
  • require perpetual funding, normally more than three years.

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Funding Awards

Funding may be provided in the form of:

  • direct project, program, or service support,
  • capital contributions,
  • pledges that require matching contributions from other funding sources,
  • pledges that require matching funds or in-kind support from the requesting organization,
  • challenge pledges that require a level of funding or in-kind support from other sources,
  • reimbursement of funds expended for OHF approved or initiated projects, programs or services,
  • seed money for operational start-up of innovative projects or programs.
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Reporting Requirements 

Successful applicants will be required to provide a written report to the Advisory Committee within a month of completion of the project/event or within one year of notification of the grant award, whichever is earlier. Reports need not be lengthy, but should cite information such as the numbers and types of participants reached, summary of event assessments (by participants if appropriate, as with a conference), the status of projects that will be ongoing, and how well the project met components of the OHF mission. A brief financial summary that illustrates OHF’s contribution as well as the overall status of the project is required of all grantees. Other specific requirements may be articulated at the time a grant is awarded.

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Funding Cycles, Processes and Deadlines

Questions concerning project concepts, application processes or format may be addressed to Sean Dugan, MaineHealth at (207) 775-7001 or Unless otherwise agreed upon, applications should be limited to four (4) or fewer pages describing the project or program, and including:
  • Project name
  • Requesting organization name and address
  • Contact person, telephone number, email address, if any
  • Funding requested from OHF and total funding sought, if different
  • Proposed funding period and duration of the project
  • Identification of other funding requests and their status
  • Executive summary of the project 
  • Description of the problem or need the project or program will resolve
  • Identification of the component(s) of the OHF Mission the project will address and a description of how it will do so 
  • Plan for evaluating project success including measurable objectives & timetable
  • If applicable, plan for continuing the project or program once OHF funding ends
  • Project budget and brief budget narrative, including income sources and expenditures. Please identify the requesting organization’s financial commitment to the project.

The following attachments must be included for your application to be considered complete for review by the committee:

  • Abbreviated resume/CV for the individual applying for funds noting his/her connection with the project
  • Brief description of the requesting organization
  • Letter of support from each organization to be involved in the project specifying the ways in which the entity will provide support/assistance

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Next Application Deadlines:
Friday, August 19, with a decision made in mid-September.
Friday, Feburary 17, with a decision made by mid-March.

Please submit applications by U.S. Postal Service or email to:

By mail: MaineHealth Osteopathic Heritage Fund 
c/o Sean Dugan
110 Free Street, 3rd Floor
Portland, ME 04101

By e-mail:

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