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MH Osteopathic Heritage Fund

Grant Commitments
Since its inception, the MaineHealth Osteopathic Heritage Fund has supported many endeavors. A sampling of activities and recent funding commitments by fiscal year follows. Dollar amounts include funds granted for various smaller projects or operating expenses that are not listed.


FY 2002 Grant Commitments Total Committed $237,000

Maine Medical Assessment Foundation – Support for Operations
Base funding for MMAF to sustain activities during its self-assessment and strategic planning efforts. (partial funding)

University of New England/Maine Medical Center Symposium - Practice Dilemmas: The Challenges of Stress-Related Diseases
Major support for this annual conference jointly sponsored by UNECOM and MMC’s Department of Family Practice. (primary funding)

Maine Osteopathic Association – Shared History Forum
Support for a forum at mid-winter conference building on the success of the 2001 conference session in which physicians described their experiences in the early years of osteopathic practice in Maine. 

Maine Osteopathic Association – Workshop
Travel and honorarium for summer conference presenter, Dr. James Jealous, to speak on the topic Approaches and Problems - The Autonomic Nervous System.

New England Osteopathic Heritage Center Video
Support for production of a video outlining the history and advancement of osteopathic medicine in Maine.

Maine Medical Association/Maine Osteopathic Association Student Loans
Seed funds and an additional amount over three years in match funds to create an osteopathic student loan opportunity within the Maine Medical Educational Foundation. (partial funding)

New England Osteopathic Heritage Center
Seed money to support organizational efforts in the creation of a center to collect, house and promote artifacts and information relating to the practice of osteopathic medicine in the region. (partial funding)

University of New England College of Medicine – CME Events
Support for CME activities associated with a new event jointly sponsored by the University of New England College of Medicine  (UNECOM), the UNECOM Alumni Association, and the New England Osteopathic Association to serve new and existing physicians and to preserve the organizations’ osteopathic heritage. 

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FY 2003 Grant Commitments Total Committed $16,000

Maine Osteopathic Association – Conference Workshop
Support for Dr. Jane Carreiro’s Osteopathic Medical Treatment Workshop including copies of her new book to be presented to medical teaching programs in the state and the MaineHealth Learning Resource Centers with remaining copies distributed in a drawing to conference attendees.

OHM/BMC Monument (OHF Project)
Create and place on the Brighton Campus a monument commemorating the Osteopathic Hospital of Maine/Brighton Medical Center and supporters of those entities. A celebration of the monument and the founding of the hospital has been scheduled.  

Narragansett Health Center
Furnish and equip a newly formed “free care” clinic in Buxton (partial funding)

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FY 2004 Grant Commitments

Cycle 1 – September 2003 Grant Commitments $ 30,625

University of New England/Maine Medical Center Symposium - Practice Dilemmas: Perspectives on Diabetes
Annual conference exploring clinical issues important to primary 
care providers in the region. April 2004 (partial funding)

University of New England College of Medicine Alumni Association - CME
Support for honoraria and expenses of presenter/faculty providing Continuing Medical Education sessions during UNECOM’s 2003 Fall Weekend. (partial funding)

University of New England College of Medicine - Founders’ Dinner
Founders’ Reception and Dinner celebrating the role of the University of New England College of Medicine in nurturing and supporting osteopathy in Maine and acknowledging contributions of those who founded the College. October 2003 (partial funding)

MaineHealth OHF Operations: Osteopathic Hospital of Maine-
Brighton Medical Center Monument

Previously approved project to install a monument on the Brighton Campus commemorating the efforts of those who made possible the Osteopathic Hospital of Maine/Brighton Medical Center. (additional funding) A celebration of the monument and the founding of the hospital has been scheduled.  

MaineHealth OHF Operations: NAOF Membership & AOF Benefit Event
National Association of Osteopathic Foundations membership, meeting and scholarship benefit event sponsored by the American Osteopathic Foundation.

Cycle 2 – April 2004 Grant Commitments $ 71,145

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MaineHealth OHF Operations - MOA conference booklet recognition ad
A special one-time operations expense allowing OHF to recognize and celebrate the Maine Osteopathic Association’s centenary.

New England Osteopathic Heritage Center
Additional funding to sustain early development efforts for this fledgling Center whose mission is to be an interactive resource for the preservation and dissemination of the history of osteopathic medicine in New England. (partial funding)

University of New England College of Medicine - Founders’ Dinner 2004
Partial funding to support this year’s celebration of those who founded and have sustained Maine’s osteopathic medical school. October 2004 (partial funding)

Maine Medical Center Family Practice - Integrative Medicine for Medical Students (CAM Camp)
One week immersion experience and didactics for medical professions students July 2004. (partial funding) 

Maine Osteopathic Association 100 Years of Service
Various activities associated with MOA’s centenary celebrations June 2004 including publication and distribution of a documentary DVD and booklet 
highlighting osteopathic milestones in this state. (partial funding)

MaineHealth Learning Resource Centers - Building Bridges: Integrating Osteopathic, Allopathic, Complementary and Alternative Medicines
Multi-faceted activities over several years aimed at educating medical students, patients, and the public about integrative health practices. Among other events, activities include classes for medical students and two series entitled Healthy Beings. One is a series of public lectures the other consists of numerous half-hour videos available for loan and aired on community television stations.

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