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Local Physicians Receive National Recognition for Providing Quality Diabetes Care

Diabetes Physician Recognition Program measures performance in key areas of diabetes care

Brian Schilling or Barry Scholl (202) 955-5104 or (202) 955-5197

WASHINGTON (July 29, 2003) — The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) and the American Diabetes Association (ADA) announced that John Devlin, M.D., and Stephen Babirak, M.D., of the Maine Medical Center Diabetes Center, have received recognition from the Diabetes Physician Recognition Program for providing quality care to their patients with diabetes.

The Diabetes Physician Recognition Program was designed to improve the quality of care that patients with diabetes receive by recognizing physicians who deliver quality diabetes care, and by motivating other physicians to document and improve their delivery of diabetes care. To receive recognition, which is valid for three years, Drs. Devlin and Babirak submitted data that demonstrates performance that meets the Program's key diabetes care measures. These measures include eye exams, blood pressure tests, nutrition therapy and patient satisfaction, among others. When people with diabetes receive quality care as outlined by these measures, they are less likely to suffer complications such as heart attacks, stroke, blindness, kidney disease and amputations.

"In this era of cost-consciousness, it is important to recognize physicians who are providing quality care for their patients with diabetes," said Francine Kaufman, M.D., President, American Diabetes Association. "We hope that all physicians who care for people with diabetes will see the importance of tracking their patient care and meeting the quality measures of the Diabetes Physician Recognition Program to help prevent or delay the devastating complications associated with this chronic disease."

To find out if your physician has been recognized by the Diabetes Physician Recognition Program or for further information, please visit: or call, (202) 955-1721. To order application materials, call (888) 275-7585 or order online at:

Diabetes is a serious disease that affects the body's ability to produce or respond properly to insulin, a hormone that allows blood sugar to enter the cells of the body and be used for energy. An estimated 16 million Americans have diabetes; it is the sixth-leading cause of death by disease in the U.S. and it has no cure.

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