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Medical Education Staff

Bob Bing-You, MD Bob Bing-You, MD
AVP - Medical Education
Jenny Skolfield, MS Jenny Skolfield, MS
Director - Medical Education
Bob Trowbridge, MD Bob Trowbridge, MD
Director - LIC
Jo Linder, MD Jo Linder, MD
Director of Student Affairs
Deb Rothenberg, MD Deb Rothenberg, MD
Director - SFSBM
Dan Meyer, MD Dan Meyer, MD
MPN Director
Carl Germann MD Carl Germann, MD
Director 4th Yr MMC-TUSM
Katy Kruithoff Catherine Kruithoff
Project Manager
Christyna Braley Christyna Braley
Office Manager
Matt Cromarty Matt Cromarty
Patricia White Patricia White
Admin Specialist
Samantha Schoolcraft Samantha Schoolcraft
Med Ed Program Specialist-UME
Kelly Beattie Kelly Beattie
Med Ed Program Specialist-UME
Jennifer Gammon Jennifer Gammon
Med Ed Program Specialist-GME

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