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Psychiatry Residency


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Leadership Faculty                                     

Dr. Girard Robinson, Department Chairman
Dr. George McNeil, Residency Director

Adult Psychiatry

Cindy Boyack, M.D., Medical Director
Gerald Floreza, M.D.                                  
Rosalind Gold, M.D.                                        
Robert McCarley, M.D.         
Leora Rabin, M.D.
Steven Stout, MD 
Bryan Woods, M.D.

Geriatric Psychiatry

William Jeanblanc, M.D., Director
Glenn Prentice, M.D.
Heather Emerson, RN, Program Nurse
Anu Makynen, Ph.D.
Thomas Miller, Ph.D.

Research Division

William R. McFarlane M.D., Director
William Cook, Ph.D.

Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry Division Faculty

Maya J. Bulman, M.D.
Dena L. Whitesell, M.D.
James Wolak, M.D.

Inpatient Faculty and Staff

John J. Campbell, III, M.D., Medical Director
William Brennan, M.D., Ph.D
Mark Fulton, M.D., M.H.
Jonathan Morris, M.D.
Daniel Price, M.D.
James Ray, D.O.

Child Psychiatry Faculty

Sandra L. Fritsch, M.D.  
Andrew G. Hinkens, M.D., M.P.H.
Allesandra Kazura, M.D.
John Murphy, M.D.
Douglas R. Robbins, M.D. 
Melissa Bowker-Kinley, M.D., Ph.D.           

Forensic Psychiatry Faculty

Carolyn Criss, M.D.
Laura Hancock, D.O.
Ann LeBlanc, Ph.D. 
Carlyle Voss, M.D.

Other Physicians Affiliated with the Department of Psychiatry

Francine Blattner M.D.
Gordon H. Clark Jr., M.D.
Michael D. Garnett M.D.
Bernard J. Gordon M.D.
Thomas J. Lantos M.D.
David B. Lobozzo M.D.
John L. Newcomb M.D.
Joseph E. Rubin M.D.
John P. Scamman M.D.
Cynthia G. Sortwell M.D.
Barbara J. Wood M.D.

Click here to read complete faculty biographies.


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