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Family Medicine Residency


Scholarly Activity/Research:

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The Department of Family Medicine at Maine Medical Center has a competitive residency program that supports resident participation in scholarly inquiry and research.  We have made a significant investment in developing an effective infrastructure to promote the engagement of our department members in a professional culture of inquiry and pursuit of clinically relevant investigations.  Specific projects are founded on ideas surrounding family, sports, and integrative medicines, and they encompass many aspects of research, quality improvement, and community outreach initiatives.  More specifically, our faculty has pursued their clinical interests in a full range of primary care topics, including dermatology, sports medicine, obstetrics, addiction medicine, behavioral medicine, and international health.  We have also developed a wide range of collaborative relationships, both inter-professional (with schools of pharmacy, social work, and nursing) and inter-institutional (with other Maine residency programs, hospitals, and universities). Our successes in scholarly endeavors have been well represented by our faculty and residents at local, regional, and national conferences in family medicine, sports medicine, public health and international development, many of which have been published for further dissemination.

Scholarly inquiries in our department are funded by national grants from organizations such as the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA), and several national family medicine and sports medicine associations.  Additionally, some of our projects are funded by local organizations and by internal institutional sources.  Our residents have a positive record for receiving research support funding from our Maine Medical Center Research Institute (MMCRI), improving the ability of our residents to conduct clinical trials, chart reviews, community development projects, and quality improvement initiatives.

Residents within the Department of Family Medicine at Maine Medical Center are required to complete a scholarly inquiry during their residency training.  Our residents have the full assistance and support of the Research Director and Research Navigator, who personally aid our residents in discovering an inspirational idea and developing that notion into a feasible project to be completed during the three year residency training.  Additionally, our residents are mentored by faculty in our department, or in other areas of the institution, promoting the collaborative environment that residents will encounter in the practice settings they affiliate with after residency.

For more specific information about the scholarly endeavors currently underway within the department, please click the link below.  If you are interested in learning more details about any of these projects, please contact Christina Holt, MD, MSc at   

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