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Family Medicine Residency

Medical Student Rotations/Electives

medical studentsActing Internship

We accept an Acting Intern on our Family Medicine Service during every month of the year. Our Family Medicine Inpatient Service provides experience in all common adult medical problems, as well as care of hospitalized children and newborn care. Occasionally, the Family Practice Service residents care for pregnant women. 

The Acting Intern is expected to assume responsibility, commensurate with previous experience, for the initial evaluation and management of patients and for their ongoing care. The average daily patient load for the Acting Intern is three to six patients, and supervision is provided by the senior family practice resident on service, the family practice service attending and the Inpatient Service Director.

Our daily morning report is a wonderful interdisciplinary conference during which residents present admissions, and discuss an evidence-based approach to diagnosis and management, with input from the cardiologist, pharmacist  and psychiatrist who regularly attend morning report with the family practice residents and attendings.

The Acting Intern presents admissions during morning report, and participates in x-ray rounds and teaching rounds daily. The Acting Intern attends Tuesday morning resident didactic conferences and is welcome to spend some time at either of our Family Medicine Centers as well. Call is every fourth night.

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Ambulatory Clerkship
The purpose of the clerkship is to provide an in-depth experience in primary care at our ambulatory teaching center. We accept 4th year students every month but July. In addition to providing patient care at the Family Medicine Center, students also participate in resident teaching conferences weekly, spend some time at nursing homes, in sports medicine clinic, CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine), and are welcome to attend morning report on the Family Medicine Inpatient Service.

medical students At the Family Medicine Center, students see their own patients, who are scheduled every 45 minutes, to allow time for the patient to be seen to review each case with the preceptor. The faculty and residents will also share their interesting cases with students.  Patient care time is generally seven to eight half-day sessions per week; we do have evening hours (until 8 pm) and students may be scheduled to work an occasional evening.  Most patients will be presenting with acute health problems.  When feasible, students are matched with a senior resident and a pregnant patient for the last month of the patient's prenatal care and be involved in the delivery.  If interested, students may be videotaped with a patient and then may review the videotape with a preceptor or member of our behavioral science faculty.  There is also an opportunity to participate in procedures such as vasectomy, colposcopy and skin procedures.  Students may also participate in our community program, teaching 5th graders about health.

Generally, you will spend seven or eight half-day sessions per week seeing patients; we do have evening hours (until 8 p.m.) and you may be scheduled to work an occasional evening. Most of your patients will be presenting with acute health problems. When feasible, you will be matched with a senior resident and a pregnant patient for the last month of the patient's prenatal care and be involved in the delivery.

If you would like, you may be videotaped with patients and review the videotape with a preceptor or member of our behavioral science faculty. You will have an opportunity to participate in procedures such as sigmoidoscopy, colposcopy and skin procedures. You may also participate in our community program, teaching 5th graders about health.

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Integrative Medicine Focus

This month-long rotation consists of ambulatory patient care at the Family Medicine Centers and learning experiences in complementary and integrative medicine.  The Integrative Medicine portion of the rotation takes place both in the Family Medicine Centers and in the offices of complementary and integrative medicine practitioners in the community.  This aspect includes opportunities to observe patient care and provider/patient interactions and has the potential for complementary therapy treatments.

Learning experiences may include integrative medicine consults, mind/body medicine, homeopathy, manual therapies, acupuncture and nutritional and botanical medicine.  Students are given readings and an introduction to evidence-based online resources in complementary and integrative medicine.  The rotation includes time for reflection and personal wellness activities.  Each student will present a brief talk on an integrative medicine topic of his or her choice to residents and preceptors during an ambulatory teaching session.

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Geriatric Focus

During this month long rotation, 4th year medical students have an opportunity to gain experience in geriatric medicine at many different levels of care in addition to a clinical experience in ambulatory medicine in our Family Medicine Center.  Students will have opportunities to observe patients and evaluate and manage patients who live independently, reside in assisted living facilities and those who require long term care.  In these experiences, students can expect to encounter a wide range of geriatric issues such as dementia, delirium, incontinence, falls, polypharmacy, osteoporosis, preventive care, chronic disease management, palliative care, end-of-life care, and hospice. 

In addition, students can expect to be introduced to the geriatric assessment model and participate in cognitive evaluations.  Training will include seeing patients in the geriatric continuity clinic at the Family Medicine Center with the geriatric fellow, several weekly nursing home sessions and home visits to see frail and homebound elderly patients.  Depending on available time and student interest, other opportunities may include inpatient geriatric consults at Maine Medical Center and an introduction to geriatric psychiatry and rehabilitation medicine.  Evidence-based-medicine articles and review articles are provided that cover the essentials of geriatrics.

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Sports Medicine Elective
Fourth year medical students are invited to spend a one month rotation with the Primary Care Sports Medicine Program. The Program, under the direction of Dr. William Dexter includes the MMC Sports Medicine Fellowship, sports medicine clinic, Human Performance Lab, Fit Forever Program, Physical Therapy and Athletic Training. Established in 1998, the Program's vision is to provide the highest quality educational environment available for the training of primary care physicians in the principles and practice of sports medicine. Along with this training, the mission of the Maine Medical Center Sports Medicine Program is to provide the highest quality of patient care focusing on musculoskeletal issues.

The month long experience includes: participation in high school and collegiate training rooms as well as sports medicine clinics both at the Family Medicine Center and at Orthopaedic Associates a large multi disciplinary orthopaedic practice. The rotation also includes Monday Morning talks, which cover the core curriculum, Thursday teaching sessions (including sports psychology, physical therapy, Lifeline and an anatomy review in the lab at a local university), casting and splinting lab, and local event coverage (including high school football games and other events such as the Maine Marathon). Along with patient care, the student is responsible for a short presentation on a topic of his/her choice, which is presented to the sports medicine faculty and fellows at the end of the month.

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