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(207) 373-6490
Paul Laprad, MD
Hal Sreden, MD

Lincoln Medical Partners is Department of Miles Memorial Hospital

Other Providers Serving Lincoln Co.
 Not all providers who care for patients in Lincoln County are employees of Lincoln Medical Partners. Listed below are the physicians and providers who are affiliated with Miles Memorial Hospital and LincolnHealth – St. Andrews Campus & Healthcare Center and regularly provide care to patients in this region.



Maine Cardiology Associates  1 (800) 767-2642

Charles Carpenter, MD
Mylan Cohen, MD
Mary Fahrenback, MD
Joseph Wright, MD

Frederick Poulin, MD

(207) 882-7600
Kimberly Slade, DC

Ronald Rovner, MD   (207) 396-7300

 Ear, Nose & Throat
(207) 443-4511
Robert Dixon, MD

 Family Medicine
Full Circle Family Medicine  (207) 563-6623
Minda Gold, MD
Denise Soucy, MD
Alan Teel, MD

Lifespan Family Healthcare  (207) 563-3366
Michael H. Clark, MD

Medomak Family Medicine (207) 832-5813
Walter Love, MD
Margaret Webb, MD

Wiscasset Family Medicine   (207) 882-9462
Edward Kitfield, MD

Nancy Oliphant, MD  (207) 633-1075

Penobscot Bay Neurology  (207) 593-5757
Judd Jensen, MD
Bruce Sigsbee, MD
Robert Stein, MD

Seth Kolkin, MD  (207) 883-1414

Peter Bridgeman, MD/DO  (207) 729-7800

John Karod, MD  (207) 594-2501

James Ross, MD  (207) 798-7979 


Health Information


PO Box 417 ~ Boothbay Harbor, Maine ~ 04538 (207) 633-1901