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Maine Heart Center - Echocardiography - Heart Images
Echocardiography - Heart Images

Images of the Heart

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This image is obtained by placing the ultrasound probe on the top of the chest over the heart. The image is used to measure much of the cardiac anatomy you see listed on the picture.

This image shows all four chambers of the heart and is very useful for detecting chamber enlargement.

Real-time images of the heart can also be obtained. The same view we use to measure the heart can also be shown as the heart contracts (systole) and relaxes (diastole), giving your physician valuable information on your heart's strength.
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By looking at the heart in multiple views, any area that has had a heart attack (infarction) can be detected and evaluated.
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New technologies are being developed that help the cardiologist tell how well your heart is contracting and if any areas are not working. This picture is using Doppler technology to measure the speed that the heart walls are moving. This same technology is used in weather forecasting for following storms.
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The cardiologists of MHC are using new technology to assist in the placement of special pacemakers. These are called biventricular pacemakers and can help a very sick heart actually get better. By using echocardiography, we can better tell who will benefit from this technology and we can optimize the device once it is in place.
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