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Maine Heart Center - Cardiac Rehabilitation
Cardiac Robotic Surgery

Robotic Surgical System

Introducing Da Vinci, the first robotic surgical system in Maine...

A new era in cardiac surgery has begun at Maine Medical Center—now human hands can operate with mechanical precision.

The future of cardiac surgery is minimally invasive, with more rapid recoveries and better results. It's also robotic. The surgeon is still in control, but with capabilities never before possible. As a camera provides 3-D images inside the patient, the surgeon guides tiny, sophisticated mechanical hands to perform the actual procedure. The technology is an extension of the surgeon, allowing more precise control of instruments. And because those instruments need less room to maneuver, incisions are much smaller.

It has been approved for mitral valve repair and is expected to be approved for coronary artery bypass surgery. Compared to traditional open-heart surgery, there's less patient discomfort after surgery and a lower risk of complications.

An immersive 3-D display takes a physician "inside" the patient, just centimeters from the surgical site. The operation site shown in the viewer is true to life and allows the same eye-hand-instrument alignment found in open surgery.

Robotics is taking medical care into a new era—and surgical skills to a new level.

*Images by Intuitive Surgical

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