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Cardiac Rehabilitation

The cardiac rehabilitation programs at each of the Maine Heart Center hospitals offer you a second chance. The programs are open to people who have had a heart attack, heart surgery or angioplasty, and focus on helping you change your lifestyle to prevent a second occurrence. We provide nutrition counseling, graduated exercise training, stress reduction education and more.

The talented staff at each program will teach you that through better nutrition, exercise, lowering the "bad" cholesterol, managing stress and stopping smoking, future heart trouble may be prevented. Adopting a healthy lifestyle can even reverse some effects of heart disease. The talented, professional staff includes physicians, nurses and healthcare specialists. Your personal physician will be involved in all aspects of your care. Working as a team, a plan will be developed which will continuously monitor your progress.

The program's nutritionist will demonstrate how to cook delicious, heart-healthy meals. Qualified staff will help to develop a program to quit smoking and manage stress. Others will work to incorporate exercise into a daily routine. Family members are encouraged to participate in the promotion of healthy habits.

Cardiac rehabilitation services are available at:
  • Healthy Heart Program at Southern Maine Medical Center, (207) 283-7773
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation Program at Mid Coast Hospital, (207) 373-6360
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation Program at St. Mary's Regional Medical Center, (207) 753-3259
  • Turning Point, Cardiac Rehabilitation Program of Maine Medical Center, 96 Campus Drive, Scarborough, ME (207) 396-8700 or toll free (866) 556-2550 
  • A Change in Heart Works, the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program at Maine General Medical Center Augusta, (207) 626-1529, Waterville (207) 872-1353

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