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Health Tip: Ask Questions Before You Start Exercising

Discuss the answers with your doctor

(HealthDay News) -- So you're ready to get fit. Now what? Start by discussing some important issues with your doctor.

The American Council on Exercise advises that you discuss:

  • How active do you want to be and how vigorously do you want to exercise?
  • Have you been diagnosed with a heart condition?
  • Have you fallen or lost your balance at least twice within the last year?
  • Do you ever have chest pain during exercise or have irregular or slow heartbeat at rest?
  • Do you take any medication for a heart condition or blood pressure problems?
  • Do you have pain during exercise, or problems with your bones or joints that are affected by exercise?
  • Do you have wounds on your feet that don't heal?
  • Have you had unexplained weight loss in the last six months?

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