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Group Health Coaching

Sign up today for the new WOW! Group Health Coaching Program: Finding a Healthier You and discover a great way to improve your lifestyle and work towards optimal health.

Our team of certified health and wellness coaches provides expertise in nutrition management, stress reduction, and behavior change. Connect with others and work towards your personal health vision. Being healthy is a journey. One size does not fit all. Let us help you discover your best life.

Together, we will:

  • Explore and assess where you are now
  • Identify and plan around your personal barriers
  • Set goals around your strengths
  • Celebrate your successes

 Please read the following carefully:

  • These group sessions will range in size from 6 to 12 people. Sign up early to reserve your spot! Availability may be limited in your area.
  • Each session is 90 minutes long and held once a month for 3 consecutive months.
  • You only need to register for the first of the three consecutive sessions, but need to attend all three sessions.
  • You may choose a session at any location. However, you will need to remain in the same location for all three group visits.
  • You will have the same coach and be a part of the same group for all three sessions.
  • If you miss one of the visits, you may NOT go to a different group on another date.
  • Bring the Alternative Program Form with you for the Health Coach to complete.
  • The form must be faxed to WebMD no later than December 31, 2014.

PLEASE NOTE: Please register for one class only. Thank you.

In the meantime, you can contact a Dietitian/Nutritionist (RD/RDN) to schedule an appointment (see Alternative Program for information). Please call as soon as possible because the first visit needs to take place in October in order to get your WOW! rewards.