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Community Voice


Our Community Voice page provides thoughtful information shared by members of the Maine Behavioral Healthcare Advisory Committee. We are honored to share our experiences and knowledge with anyone who is living with mental illness. By reading our members’ stories we hope that you will not only gain new understanding and insight, but also recognize the power of connecting with others who are on the same journey. Whatever the challenges you may face, we want you to know there is support available.
You are not alone!

Advisory Committee members in photo - (1st row) Commmittee Chair Creighton Taylor, Jeanne Mitchell, Karen Evans, Amy Safford*, (2nd row) Val Compagna*, Deb Poulin*, Pat Purcell, Jane Eberle, Nancy Thompson, Dri Huber, Jane Cleaves, Mary Jane Krebs*, (top row) Vice Chair Tom Chadbourne. Absent from photo - Donna Betts, Christine Canty-Brooks, Christina Solak-Goodwin.

*Maine Behavioral Healthcare staff



 Karen's Story 

At the tender age of 17, Karen Evans began hearing voices. The voice commanded her to cover her body with lighter fluid and put a match to it. The scars that cover her body from that incident are minor compared to the scars she carries inside...

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