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'Ablation' Procedure Helps 3 out of 4 Patients With Irregular Heartbeat 01/25/2017
But results may not be lasting, and patients may still need to take medications
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'Active Surveillance' of Prostate Cancer Doesn't Dampen Quality of Life 07/28/2016
Choosing no treatment and regular check-ups didn't seem to stress men with low-risk disease, study found
Health News
'Artificial Pancreas' Approved for Type 1 Diabetes 09/28/2016
An automated delivery device for insulin
Health News
'Baby-Led' Weaning Doesn't Raise Choking Risk: Study 09/19/2016
But only give softened 'finger foods' to infants and watch them while they eat, researcher says
Health News
'Bagpipe' Lung Infection Kills Piper 08/23/2016
Mold, fungi can collect in wind instruments, researchers explained
Health News
'Brain Training' Helps 8 Paralyzed People Regain Some Movement 08/11/2016
Combination regimen jump-started reconnection between mind and body
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'Business Diet' a Bad Deal for the Heart 08/19/2016
Unhealthy eating on the road linked with early signs of artery clogging, study says
Health News
'Button' Batteries Pose Serious Risk to Children 01/09/2017
Toddlers may swallow the tiny batteries used to power many common household objects
Health News
'Chemo Brain' Lasts for Months in Many Breast Cancer Survivors 01/11/2017
Altered thinking must be acknowledged as 'one of the difficulties of treatment,' specialist says
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