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Family Birthplace at Stephens Memorial Hospital
Having a baby is one of the most
important and miraculous events in your life.

Your needs and wishes are important to us. We listened to what you want for this most special experience and created a birthplace where you will be guided, supported and comforted through the process of becoming a parent. Our state-of-the-art facilities and top-notch team includes compassionate Board Certified physicians and the most excellent nursing staff.

In The Family Birthplace, you will experience labor, delivery, recovery and post-birth care all in the privacy of your own room, which has a private bathroom, CD players, cable television, and room service. The careful attention our staff pays to your personal needs, and those of your family, provide the support and safety you expect and deserve during your stay here.



How you feed your baby is a thoughtful process for new mothers. However you choose to feed your baby you are in good hands with us. As part of the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative, all our regularly employed RNs are certified Breastfeeding Counselors and have had training in Baby-Led and Paced Feeding methods which enables us to be a valued and knowledgeable resource for you and your baby’s feeding needs. Should you need additional help, a Lactation Consultant is on staff to assist.

Education and knowledge are a powerful part of preparing for your new baby whether you are getting ready for you first delivery or already have children. 

  • Every mother is seen at about 22-26 weeks of pregnancy for a Prenatal Hospital Orientation and Registration Visit

To help ensure babies and their families get off to the very best start a variety of pregnancy and parenting classes are offered at Stephens Memorial Hospital.

  • Preparing For Birth Class - What to expect during labor and birth,
  • Breastfeeding Your Newborn – Mother’s learn both facts and helpful tips of breastfeeding,
  • Infant CPR and SIDS Prevention Class – Parents, grandparents and older siblings learn to become comfortable with how to respond in any emergency and how to provide a safe environment for their newborn.
  • Car Seat Safety Checks and Distribution of seats to those who qualify – Certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians ensure proper installation and use of all types of child passenger seats.
  • Sibling Hospital Visit – Our perinatal outreach coordinator will help brothers and sisters understand their new sibling and what to expect from him or her,
  • Safe Sitter Class – Prepares boys and girls between the ages of 11-13 in becoming responsible confident child care sitters. 

At the Family Birthplace, we pride ourselves on having the finest staff and the very latest birthing technologies.  Being part of the MaineHealth® family we rely on our affiliation with MaineHealth, putting us directly in touch with experts at Maine Medical Center and Barbara Bush Children's Hospital, two of Maine's premier healthcare networks. It's part of our guarantee that you and your baby will get the very best care in Maine, right here at home.

For more information about the Family Birthplace at Stephens Memorial Hospital, please call us at (207) 743-5933 ext. 6951.

Safe Sleep and SIDS Prevention

environment1web.jpgThe cause of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) is unknown, however there are things you can do to prevent it.

  • Have regular prenatal care during your pregnancy 
  • Avoid first and second hand smoke. Babies whose mothers smoke are 3 times as likely to die of SIDS, while those babies who are exposed to second hand smoke are twice as likely.
  • Breastfeed when possible 
  • Practice Safe Sleep Habits

Safe Sleep Habits:

  • Keep baby on their back for both nighttime & naps
  • Provide supervised tummy-time to promote neck strengthening 
  • Remove all bumpers, blankets, toys, stuffed animals from cribs and bassinets
  • Use a firm infant approved mattress in the crib or bassinet
  • Sleep your baby in a “sleep-sack” rather than wrapped in a blanket
  • Keep the room at a temperature that is comfortable for an adult in a T-shirt, a hot room allows the baby to go into a much deeper sleep from which they may not wake
  • Use of a pacifier once Breastfeeding is well established, 3-4 weeks is acceptable.
  • Avoid the use of a home monitor rather than checking on your baby regularly.





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