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Patient Guide

Living Well With Asthma, Caring for Yourself or a Family Member (.pdf)

Sample topics from the Patient Guide:

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Asthma Action Plans

An asthma action plan is a one-page guide that your doctor, nurse or asthma educator completes for you or your child. The plan explains what to do during an asthma attack when asthma symptoms get worse. Give a copy of your child's asthma action plan to the school nurse, child care provider, baby sitters, family members and other caregivers.

To order, please call Maine Asthma Prevention and Control Program at (207) 287–3041.



5 Important Things You Should Know About Asthma (.pdf)

View an asthma educator explaining five important things to know about asthma and showing you how to use asthma devices.

 English  |  Somali  |  Spanish   

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Steroids Used to Treat Asthma (.pdf)
This document answers your questions about using steroids to treat asthma.

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Living Well With Asthma
Download our new Living Well With Asthma patient guide (.pdf)


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