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Clinical Tools

Available Tools:

- Pediatric Asthma Toolkit
- Adult Asthma and COPD Toolkit

On this page:
Asthma Guidelines
- Action Plans
- Asthma Education
- Asthma Control Test (ACT)
- TRACK Test
- Calculating Peak Flows
- Asthma Self Study

Asthma Guidelines

     - NHLBI Asthma Clinical Guidelines Flip Chart


Asthma Action Plans

These sheets will help you and your patients manage their asthma.

     - For Pre-School/Childcare
     - For School age Children
     - For Adults (With Peak Flow)
     - For Adults (without Peak Flow) 


Asthma Education

     -Asthma Inhaled Medications Chart
     -Quick Guide for Spirometry
     -New Asthma Encounter Form
     -Follow-up Encounter Form
     -Asthma Symptom/Peak Flow Diary
     -Asthma Education Fax Referral Form
     -Asthma Education Visit Levels for Reimbursement
     -Flu shot Reminder Letter for Adult Patients
     -Flu Shot Reminder Letter for Pediatric Patients


Asthma Control Test - ACT

Click here to read the article The Importance of Assessing Asthma Control.

-ACT Test - Ages 4 to 11                

-Spanish - Ages 4 to 11

-ACT Test - Ages 12 and Up

-Spanish - Ages 12 and Up

-Russian - Ages 12 and Up

-Korean - Ages 12 and Up

-Mandarin - Ages 12 and Up





  TRACK Test

  -Test for Respiratory and Asthma Control in Kids- children ages 2-4 TRACK 


Calculating Peak Flows

     - Peak Flow Reference Chart
     - Predicted Peak Flow Measurements 8.5" x 11" 


Asthma Self Study

     - Self Study Guide 


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