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Tobacco Treatment, Screening & Resources

MaineHealth WOW! Tobacco Treatment

MaineHealth WOW! offers tools for employees and their dependents to take control and quit tobacco once and for all.

Tools to support you when you are ready:

  • All employees, spouses and dependents can meet with our tobacco treatment specialist for FREE.
  • Personalized help to make a quit plan that works for you.
  • Options for how to help you get through the day in a tobacco-free worksite if you are not ready to quit.
  • FREE tobacco cessation classes or treatment groups.
  • If you have MaineHealth health insurance, tobacco treatment with your provider is FREE.
  • Tobacco treatment medications: FREE for employees and dependents enrolled in any of MaineHealth’s health plans. You will need a prescription to have the medications covered. This includes all prescription and all over-the-counter (FDA-approved) medications such as nicotine patches, gum and lozenges 
  • Meet with the Tobacco Treatment Specialist to discuss what medications will work for you. Prescriptions are available when you meet with the nurse practitioner in the WOW! Tobacco Treatment Program.
  • Consider use of nicotine replacement therapies to ease cravings when you are in a tobacco-free environment. Meet with the Tobacco Treatment Specialist to find out more.

For more information or to make an appointment:

Call: 661-3000
Toll-Free: 1-855-300-8702
Available M-F: 8 am - 4:30 pm

Find a tobacco treatment specialist in your area.

Maine and New Hampshire both offer free, confidential and professional tobacco cessation support:

Tobacco Screening

  1. All new hires must have their tobacco screening within 60 days of enrolling in a MaineHealth health plan. If you have a positive test or don't test, you will be charged $46.16 per pay period ($1,200 per year).
  2. View the Tobacco Screening Locations to find a location near you. Tobacco screenings must be done at a designated NorDx Tobacco Screening Locations.
  3. Bring your completed Tobacco Screening Form with you.

Providing a false urine sample is considered a violation of the Ethics Policy and is subject to disciplinary action.  In addition, violators will have their prior test result invalidated and will be required to pay all tobacco use fees that they should have incurred for failing to have a negative test.

Questions on the tobacco fee if you enroll in the healh plan? Click here 

Quit Tobacco Resources

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View Peter Bates' Tobacco Free MMC Campus. Click here