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With MyChart, you can request an appointment online, even when your doctor's office isn't open. You'll even get an e-mail reminder a few days before each appointment. You can also view past appointments, cancel appointments and get appointment related information like directions, telephone number and instructions any time of the day.

HOW? To request an appointment, after logging into your MyChart account, point to the Appointments option and click on Request an Appointment. View the following image as an example.

Request an appointment

To view past appointments, after you log into your MyChart account, point to the Appointments option in the navigation bar and click on Past Appointments in the drop-down menu. MyChart will display a list of previous appointments by date.

By clicking on each date, you will see a general summary of that appointment, including the reason for the visit, your vital signs at the time of the visit and any follow-up instructions.

Appointments that are scheduled to occur in more than 24 hours can be canceled online. However, appointments that will occur in less than 24 hours cannot be canceled online. Please contact your doctor's office directly to cancel and/or change these appointments.

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