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Family Caregiver Education Workshops

Putting the Puzzle Together
At some point in our lives, most of us will help care for older partners, family members or friends. While providing care to our aging relative or friend, we may feel ill equipped to handle this "caregiver role".  Putting the Puzzle Together is designed to help plan for the caregiver role, before a crisis occurs. This four part series provides the tools necessary to understand options, encourages family members to plan together and offers information regarding community resources, living alternatives, legal tools for planning ahead and paying for long-term care.  Participants receive the  Guidebook for the Caregiving Journey , a comprehensive manual that allows them to develop a personal plan to deal with their own caregiving situation.
Geriatric Health Issues
The staff of the Maine Medical Center Geriatric Center prepared this workshop.  It addresses the myths and realities of aging, including such issues as hearing and vision loss, incontinence, sleep disturbances, polypharmacy, depression, and dementia.  Caregivers will come away with a better understanding of the health issues facing family members, and coping strategies to help deal with their physical and emotional changes.
Caring for Someone at Home
This workshop addresses the issues involved in offering personal care assistance to a family member or friend.  It is designed to encourage caregivers to take care of themselves and to help them learn to safely care for others.  Topics addressed include care for the caregiver, creating a safe home environment, communication tips, maintaining health, and personal care issues. 
Communicating Effectively with Healthcare Professionals
Family members are an important part of the health care team for persons with disabilities - whether that person is a special needs child, a spouse with a serious illness, or a frail older relative.  This workshop, developed by the National Family Caregivers Association, will give family members the insights and tools they need to function as an effective member of the health care team, along with the physicians, nurses, social workers, and others who may be involved.

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